Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

  • Reduce equipment outages: Non-planned outages are significantly reduced mitigating product loss (food or other)
  • Extend equipment life: Cleaning and tuning your gear will improve operational efficiency which reduces repair requirements and appliance replacement. Energy savings may also be observed.
  • Mitigate risk of being shut down by food inspectors

High Level Sequence

  1. Go to site to perform the Preventive Maintenance on appliances according to checklist(s) below
  2. As a follow up to the Preventive Maintenance, KRS provides a report and sends quote(s) for any required additional actions such as parts replacements, ice machine descaling, etc.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist For Refrigeration Appliances

  1. Clean evaporator & condenser coils with high pressure nitrogen (includes roof top)
  2. Check lines for condensation
  3. Clean fan blades and fan cages and inspect the fan motor
  4. Check the integrity of insulation, quote replacement if required
  5. Check for air leaks through cracks, holes and worn parts like gaskets and seals
  6. Lubricate door hinges where required
  7. Insure proper closure/self-closing
  8. Level unit
  9. Check drain lines
  10. Check all settings and ensure optimal operation
Keen Restaurant Services - Refrigeration Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Checklist For Gas Appliances

  1. Perform temperature checks, calibrate where required
  2. Inspect for oil or gas leaks
  3. Doors open/close properly
  4. Gas connection is secure
  5. Gas hose meets regulations
  6. Appliance must have its own a gas shut off valve
  7. Gas appliance on wheels must have a wall restraint
  8. Main gas shut-off valve must be clearly indicated and easy to shut off
  9. Instructions on how to re-light each gas appliance after a shutdown are readily available
Keen Restaurant Services - Gas Appliance Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Pricing Guidelines

  • Truck charge a flat fee of $50 for each service visit
  • Travel charge full travel: $98 and Half Travel: $49. The travel charge is contingent upon the distance to the service location
  • Hourly rate is $110/hour and $55 for each half hour that follows. We bill in increments of 30mins after the first hour (example: 2.5 hours would be $275)
  • Rough estimate 15-30 mins per device depending on its condition. Typically walk-in units are 30mins each and low-boys, reach-ins, standalones are 15mins each
  • Nitrogen is $65 per cylinder. An average size kitchen uses about 2 cylinders
  • Degreaser $20 per can. An average size kitchen uses about 2 cans

You now have two methods to manage your Preventive Maintenance:

  1. On demand - email us or call us to request a PM 
  2. Maintenance Contract - we set the frequency and scheduling up front and invoice you a flat rate per visit that you can add to your budget (frequency can be 2, 3 or 4 PMs per year)
  3. We offer estimates upon receiving a list of equipment that requires maintenance

We require a list of your appliances to provide an accurate quote.